Tow Truck

Rescue Ranger-Roadside Assistance

Available 7 days a week - 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

CALL NOW! (406) 215-4236

  • Lock your keys, child, or dog in your vehicle
  • Flat tire
  • Out of gas or dead battery

The Rescue Ranger service is provided by your TRUSTED V-Tec Auto Repair facility. Rescue Ranger services and employees are trained and insured.

Rain, snow, heat, day or night - our safety-minded award-winning employees are here for you!

  • Lock your keys, child, or dog in your vehicle ? Don’t worry, V-Tec Auto Repair’s Rescue Ranger is on the way!
  • Flat tire? Have no fear, V-Tec’s Rescue Ranger will get you squared away!
  • Out of gas or dead battery? Don't panic, Rescue Ranger will save the day!

CALL NOW! (406) 215-4236

We understand that you don't have time to wait around for a tow truck. No need to worry​, ​Rescue Ranger is coming to Help You! We’ll quickly get you on the road again.

Rescue Ranger has the best U.S.A. manufactured "East Penn" 6 yr. warrantied AAA batteries on board​. ​So, we can switch your old battery out and get you moving in just one easy step. We also offer mobile pay and ​our ​100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty. So, rest assured, we will meet your needs!

CALL NOW! (406) 215-4236